Brian Leith: Creative Director – ‘Creative Director’ of a film company sounds grand and impressive… the reality is a bit more mundane. Most days I’m found scratching my head, wondering where our next film or series will come from, and will the current one work! Maybe the idea will come from a weekend newspaper, or a concept I’ve had for years, but never got round to figuring it into a story. Sometimes it’s an idea that a broadcaster suggests to us, believing that we have the skills necessary to make it… (that’s a nice feeling, but scarey!) Or a clever idea from one of our talented team. And when you work in the industry for many years (as I do) the next film often evolves from the last one, in a clumsy sort of evolution. There are cynics who say you only have one film in you–and you keep on re-making it until (hopefully) you get it right… The only thing I can say with authority is that the buck stops somewhere very near me, and I’m constantly pondering fresh ideas, and working out how to convince commissioners young enough to be one of my sons, or old enough to remember my last good film…!



Mandy Leith: Managing Director - I manage the company - the money and business affairs stuff, supervise production and development, and the people side of things.   But my most important role is ensuring that our team are happy and supported.  My career in film and television began more than thirty years ago, but early on I latched onto hugely talented and creative professionals, and I’ve held on tight ever since!  Surrounding oneself with really lovely folk, passionate and committed to producing work they believe in, in whatever circumstances, makes my job so much easier and enjoyable!  It’s about the people, and oh … the wildlife too, of course!!!!

Phil Chapman: Producer - During almost 30 years in the wildlife film business, I have shared countless amazing adventures with colleagues in many parts of the world, seeking out and filming remarkable animals in wonderful locations. I retain a passion for putting wildlife and wild places on the screen to inspire people to care about and to protect nature.

Ben Wallis: Director – I have been with BLP since 2012. And adventures have been had! I have filmed under the Arctic Ice with mussel gatherers, have sailed through the North West Passage in search of Orcas and have filmed Snow Leopards high up on the Tibetan plateau. I have come far too close to a moose, had a polar bear trying to climb onto our boat, and have been higher than anyone else in a helicopter over the remote mountains of China. It’s been a brilliant, funny, inspiring journey with hopefully more adventures ahead.

Richard Lanciault: Post Production and Workflow Supervisor  

My career in TV and Film started in the post houses of Soho in the late 1990s. Since then, I've had the good fortune to work around the world on a wide range of projects, from commercials and music videos to children's TV and feature films. I have a passion for technology and love getting my hands dirty across all technical areas of production and post, finding creative solutions to complicated workflows.

I've now been based in Bristol for the past eight years in various roles at the BBC, BBC Earth and Independent companies. I first joined BLP in Feb 2014 to work on the 'Born in China' feature film for Disneynature and am pleased to have re-joined in Sept 2017 after a short time away'.




Emma Fraser: Assistant Producer/Field Director – I have an inexhaustible passion for exploration, study of the natural world and wildlife. I’ve worked on productions for National Geographic Wild, BBC and Channel 5 and has been part of the BLP team since April 2012.  For the last eighteen months I’ve been having extraordinary adventures whilst directing the cranes sequences in China on our Disneynature film, Born in China.  I also contribute actively to the development of our new projects.