Great shot by our producer @BenEtosha1 of the stunning landscape that surrounds us. We hope that everyone has a great day @JacksonHoleWILD BrianLeithPro photo

Hi everyone! We hope that you enjoyed yesterday's screening of @Disneynature Born in China at @JacksonHoleWILD

Wishing everyone the best of luck @JacksonHoleWILD this year. Trailer looks amazing!

Yesterday's viewing and Q&A of @Disneynature Ghost of the Mountains @JacksonHoleWILD
BrianLeithPro photo
Nat History Network @NHNhub
Shane Moore Ben Wallis Brian Leith George Shaller (world’s most famous big cat scientist) share stage after Ghost of the Mountains film

Ben, writer and director has been interviewed by @mongabay for our recent release "Ghost of the mountains" #disney

Delighted to be working with Maggie Q on our latest production! #expeditionchina @Disneynature BrianLeithPro photo