In Production: Age of Nature


China's Hidden Kingdoms

BLP returns to China for National Geographic Wild’s next big series China’s Hidden Kingdoms. With Brian Leith and Phil Chapman’s lengthy experience working in one of the most challenging places on earth for the BBC, and more recently for Disneynature’s Born in China, Expedition China and Ghost of the Mountains, our team are expertly placed to bring their extensive knowledge and experience of China’s wildlife to the Nat Geo Wild audience.

For TX in the US in 2020

Producers: Emma Fraser, Patrick Morris, Jess Tombs, Ben Wallis

Executive Producer: Brian Leith

Consulting Executive Producer: Phil Chapman


Expedition China

A Netflix Special documentary for Disneynature; this film takes you to locations to some of the world's most intense, hard-to-reach environments in China, with the intrepid filmmakers of Disneynature's big-screen adventure Born in China.

Directed and Written By: Ben Wallis

Executive Producer: Brian Leith


Ghost of the Mountains

Written and directed by: Ben Wallis

Producer: Brian Leith

In Spring 2014 the team from Brian Leith Productions set out on a “mission impossible” – to film a dramatic story of Snow Leopards in the wild for our film for Disneynature, Born in China. We were successful in capturing the best footage of snow leopards ever, and a wildlife first, to film snow leopard cubs in their natural environment… This film documents how against all the odds the team were able to reveal one of the last great secrets of the natural world. A feature length documentary for Disneynature to be shown on Netflix. A finalist at Jackson Hole film festival 2017.

Born in China

Disneynature's Born in China follows the adventures of three animal families. The majestic panda, the savvy golden monkey and the elusive snow leopard. It is the most ambitious Disneynature project to date, taking audiences on a grand jounrey into the wilds of China. Featuring stunning imagery, the film navigates the vast terrain—from the frigid mountains to the heart of the bamboo forest—on the wings of a red-crowned crane, showcasing remarkably intimate family moments captured on film for the first time ever. With a global release in both English and Mandarin and a finalist at this years Jackson Hole film festival.


Killer Whales - Fins of Change

We follow the startling discovery of Orcas taking over as the ‘top predator’ in the Arctic – a role once occupied by polar bears. The team at Brian Leith Productions braved challenging conditions sailing in “uncharted waters” in the Canadian Arctic to follow the action.


Wild Canada - The Eternal Frontier

A dramatic four-part series about the wild animals, a dramatic wilderness – and mankind’s influence on it. Iconic wildlife and awe-inspiring scenery shot with ultra-high definition cameras captures sweeping panoramas and extraordinary close ups and behaviour.

To acquire this title contact Sabine Holtzer at Terra Mater Factual Studios


Elsa - The Lioness that Changed the World

Elsa - The Lioness that Changed the World is also a drama-documentary that follows a rather different story: George and Joy Adamson’s attempt to rescue an orphaned lion cub and re-introduce her as a free-living lioness onto the African plains. This story ended in tragedy when first Elsa, and then both George and Joy, died in tragic circumstances. To this day returning captive lions to the wild is considered almost impossible, yet the book and film “Born Free” went on to inspire people all over the world to try and save both lions – as well as all the free-living wild animals of Africa.

Lobo – The Wolf that Changed America

Lobo – The Wolf that Changed America is a drama-documentary, the true story of naturalist and writer Ernest Seton Thompson who came to the American west in the 1890s to exterminate the ‘vermin’ wolves that were decimating the cattle of Montana. But he developed a respect and affection for one particular wolf and found he could not kill it - and the rest is history: his famous story ‘Lobo’ went on to influence an entire generation of young Americans, and helped inspire the growing conservation movement.