Emily Sleath

Senior Production Coordinator



I joined BLP in May 2014 to work on the feature film ‘Born in China’ for Disneynature sending crews deep into China to film baby Panda’s, Chiru and Snow Leopards. I returned last year to work on ‘China’s Hidden Kingdoms’ for Nat Geo Wild sending crews once again into the Tibetan mountains In search of snow leopards and the Hubei Province to film golden snub nose monkeys.

Prior to joining BLP I was with Icon Films where I worked on the ‘Survive the Tribe’ series for Nat Geo and ‘Spawn of Jaws’ for Discovery’s Shark week.

I have extensive experience working in television production, I have set up filming all over the world and. I’ve worked at the BBC Natural History Unit on a range of programmes in a variety of roles across different genres including; factual and entertainment such as Dispatches, Bake Off, Meet the Izzards, Deadly 60, Spring Watch and Human Footprint for Channel 4, BBC, ITV, National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet and Sky.

I love how varied my job is, and the opportunities that come with it and I am grateful to have met and worked with some wonderful and talented people along the way!

I am currently part of the team working on BLP’s latest three-part series for PBS and BBC ‘The Age of Nature’ and looking forward to the next adventure.