Patrick Morris

Executive Producer


Storytelling, film craft and teamwork are what I enjoy most as a documentary film-maker. Over the past 25 years I’ve produced, directed and series produced the BBC landmark series Wild Africa, Galapagos, Mexico: Earths Festival of Life, Wild West, Europe: A Natural History and British Isles: A Natural History as well as making the Birds and Primates episodes for Life and one off specials for the Natural World such as Islands in the African Sky, Wings over the Serengeti, Hokkaido: Garden of the Gods, People of the Sea and Dune. I also co-directed the BBC Earth 3D theatrical film Enchanted Kingdom and the giant screen Wild Africa 3D, which is currently on cinema release.

I have long admired Brian and Mandy’s films, as well as their work ethos. I’m delighted to be working with them and the team on China’s Hidden Kingdoms.

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